Mountain Tea Festival to be held on August 11 in Dagestan

There are many opinions about the secrets of Caucasian longevity: starting with a favorable atmospheric environment and ending with environmentally friendly products. One of these products is mountain tea, which gives strength and vigor, as well as a charge of energy. At the same time, it is still tasty and fragrant, and therefore not only the locals appreciate it so much, but tourists, resting in the mountains of the Caucasus, are not averse to buying from local merchants packages of various tea collected in the mountains.

But in Dagestan this festival was dedicated to singing this drink! The first was successfully held last year, and the second is scheduled for August.

The festival of mountain tea will take place on August 11 in Gunibsky district, near the village of Sogratl.

According to the organizer of the event, the director of the Vatan memorial complex Gamzat Omarov, about 600 guests will take part in the festival, for which a platform with free tea will be organized.

Also, participants will be able to try dishes of national cuisine, compete in various sports, such as shooting a crossbow, archery and others, and the holiday will end with a musical concert.

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