Preparation for the concert of Aris Appayev (Aris Appaev) in the House of Culture of Trade Unions of Nalchik is nearing completion.

On March 28, numerous fans of the artist and guests of the unique concert program will celebrate together the “Day of Revival of the Balkar People”, to which this event is timed.

On March 28, numerous fans of Aris Appaev and guests of the unique concert program will celebrate the “Day of the Revival of the Balkar People” togetherWe managed to learn about the details of the preparation and the upcoming program of the concert from the concert director Aris Zhanna Chochaeva.

“The concert program will be very diverse, since not a single concert of Ariza is like the other,” says Zhanna, “but, as a rule, we try to form a performance in three thematic sections or blocks. The division is conditional, according to the dynamics or meaning of the compositions. And the intervals between the blocks are filled with either dance numbers or performances of guests of the evening. In any case, the audience will be bored once.

It is worth noting that this year a lot of guests will arrive in Nalchik, more than usual. The editorial staff of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” believes that this is due to both the stated theme of the upcoming concert and the increased popularity of the artist. In addition, in 2016, the show in Nalchik was not conducted due to Aris's big work - just at that time he was on tour abroad and could not physically escape to Russia.

Aris Appaev in Nalchik. Tickets are running out. What is the reason for success?Stars of the Caucasian variety art Islam and Karina Kish, Artur Gongapsh, Alim and Radmila Appayev, Milana Appaeva, Rasul Kabardokov, Leila Dzhappueva, as well as guests from Moscow Yan Hubiyev and rising star Lina Fox expressed their desire to attend the event.

“Many have decided to support the upcoming concert with their participation,” says Zhanna Chochaeva, “and we would be glad to see everyone, but unfortunately, limited in time. Thanks to everyone who will spend this evening with us.

Due to the large number of participants, Zhanna assumes that the concert will last longer than usual one and a half hours - maybe two hours or more.

The editors of our publishing house believe that the concert program will continue even longer. We came to this conclusion, having studied the composition of the guests of the event and the proposed program of Aris himself. Moreover, as it became known to us literally just that, in addition to the already well-known invited guests, the participation of the children's dance group “The Pearl of the Sun” from Nalchik was announced.

As for the audience, according to our information, people bought tickets to the concert not only from Nalchik, but also from other cities of the North Caucasus. At the time of publication of 1000 tickets, more 900 was sold out, so those who want to hurry. After all, Aris's performances are always very popular in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, and 2017 is no exception the year.

Aris Appaev in Nalchik. Tickets are running out.The exact program of the concert is still being specified, but it will necessarily include songs in Balkar, Russian and English languages. The compositions will be performed in the Kabardian language - they will be performed by the guests of the program. Genres of songs: rock, pop rock, hip-hop, soul, folk songs and ballads.

The audience will hear the well-known hits of Ariza, such as “You're My Desire” - the track has been rotated on international radio stations not for the first year; "Kara Kara", "No no" and others.

Among the novelties, the singer is going to present both relatively recently released songs and never heard before. In general, up to a quarter of all the songs in the concert will be new tracks. In particular, the compositions will also sound from the new album of the singer under the title “No no”, the output of which is planned for the end of spring 2017 of the year. The album will include ten tracks, including remixes of the same name from different DJs. Thus, the guests of the concert are presented with a unique opportunity to be the first to evaluate songs that no one has heard before.

In addition, on 28 of March we will hear the favorite fans of the singer “I've Become Your Habit”, “Unutma menu”, “Dream” and other famous tracks. It is known that the song “Ketch Meni” will sound, but in a special treatment, which will come as a surprise for Aris fans.

“Aris always develops and approves the upcoming concert program himself,” says Zhanna. - And often this work goes to the last day and even to the last hour. In order to achieve maximum harmony and entertainment, it can change even on the day of the event. This applies not only to the list of songs, but also to the lighting, the scenery, the composition of the participants, the clothes, the arrangement of people on the stage - literally every detail.

Now rehearsals are actively being held in Moscow, in the studio “Aris Records”, the performance of all the compositions planned for presentation at the concert is being honed there. The arrival of Ariza in Nalchik is expected by fans in the middle of next week. After that, the direct work of the whole team on preparing the stage will begin - delivery and erection of the scenery, installation and inspection of the lighting and sound systems, the design of the hall, the solution of other organizational and technical issues.

- Aris himself always delves into all the problems when organizing a concert, especially in Nalchik, - says Zhanna. - For this city he does not have trifles. He should know for sure that nothing is missing, everything is under control, there will be no failures and disappointed viewers. Moreover, the sound will be “alive”, and this places special demands on all musicians, on all their movements on the stage. Scenery and layout are also designed and manufactured for each performance individually. This is a great job with a lot of details and performers.
Aris tries to give each performance in an unusual and unique way, for this reason a lot of things are traditionally made to order and used only on one stage. The audience of Ariza is multinational, therefore all parts of the concert correspond to the guests' expectations to the maximum.

The organizers of the concert also plan to hold a fundraising for the charity campaign “Helping a Sick Child”. And after it, everyone will be able to take pictures with artists and get an autograph. There will also be promotions in the form of selling artist's discs and other related events.

“We understand that the hall will not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to listen to Aris and his guests,” says Zhanna Chochaeva with obvious disappointment, “which is why there will definitely be a professional video of the concert, which after installation and information will be available to everyone on the Internet. A special team from Moscow headed by Mikhail Konov will be engaged in shooting and editing, the 3D light show will be led by Alexander Novikov, so the quality is guaranteed.

Musical publishing house “Zvuk-M” wishes Aris Appaev and his team to perform successfully, and all viewers - to get the maximum pleasure from this performance.

Tickets for the concert of Aris Appaeva can still be bought at the box office of the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions at the address: Nalchik, Kuliev avenue d.12 or order by phone 89289125578.

For those who could not afford to get to the concert of Aris Appayev, we suggest listening to some tracks directly on our website.