From the first day, as soon as the composition Fedos “Baluya” entered the top of 200 tracks “iTunes Russia” in the genre of “World”, it began to rapidly rise higher and higher in the list and reached the 41 position.

This result naturally pleased the artist, but did not surprise him. After all, the track, according to him, was doomed to success from the very beginning: “If I take on any business, I don’t stop without reaching my goal. This, of course, is not the limit, and I will certainly go further, for more impressive results. I take every new job very seriously, investing knowledge, soul and patience, spending a lot of time on the project, not losing sight of any little things, ”says Fedos.

However, the main secret of the success of the song “Baluya”, according to the artist, lies in the sincerity with which it is performed. He is convinced that the listener caught every note of her: “I think this song told about me, fully conveying a special trait of my character - to pamper with the attention of those who are dear to me. These are not fictional feelings. I think that if the track is suitable for the performer, then it will surely penetrate into the hearts of the listeners and leave their mark on them. When the author of the song, Anna Kalaicheva, sent me a demo version of the future project, I and my arranger immediately got the impression that this would make something “tasty” ..., ”the singer recalls.

So it happened. The track "Baluy" became an absolute hit. Fedos is now fully committed to working on new material: “I will reveal to you a little secret ... At the moment I am working on several projects at once. The compositions will be completely different. One of them dreamed me in a dream. Waking up, I immediately began, singing it, to record, so as not to forget. And, of course, I have special plans for it. I will try to constantly surprise and pamper my listener.

Well, for now the new tracks are still in work, we can pamper ourselves - listen to the album of the same name by the artist.