Popular performer of ethnic and pop songs Adam achmiz made the hero of the Kuban 24 TV channel program.

On the air, he told the presenter about how his creative journey began and told an interesting story from his childhood:

“From the school bench I wrote poems under my desk and hid them from my classmates, I was afraid they would laugh. Then we went to rest in the mountains, where I lost my manuscript, I had a tantrum, and I stopped writing. And already in 2013, something happened to me, I started writing poetry again. I did not study music, I do not have a musical education, but I have ears, I have a voice, and I always studied with myself - I watched video tutorials on the Internet. At the moment, I already have 3 nominations established by the Russian Union of Writers and the portal “Verty.ru,” said the singer.

The artist also told that he had released the first collection of philosophical lyrics and was preparing to release an album.

You can view the full interview with the artist on our website or on YouTube.