Aidamir Eldarov preparing for the release of several new songs

Recently, a video appeared in the network with excerpts of compositions titled “Shalnaya” and “Chernookaya”. Both songs are in the work of arranger Ruslan Abdokov, in whose studio the recording took place.

“The words and music for the song“ Shalnaya ”were written for me by Timur Lehov. Some time ago, we didn’t release the joint project “Statuette”, which the public accepted very well, and so we decided to cooperate again. When he showed me the demo version of the track, he immediately came to my liking, because this is a song about life, about relationships, and I always try to play compositions of life, with meaning. Here the theme of that, unfortunately, of a frequent situation is revealed, when in a couple a young man goes crazy with love, and the girl is cold, ”comments Aydamir.

Speaking about the second song - "Black-eyed", the artist emphasizes that it is a little closer to him, since he recognized himself in it ...

“Chernookaya” is our collaboration with Aslan Abdokov, who wrote the words, and we picked up the music together. Of course, I like this track madly, because in it I saw my present self ... One can say that feelings for my second half are conveyed in it, ”the performer said.

At the moment, both songs are in the works, but soon with the support of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, the compositions will be presented to the general public.