Popular Caucasian Performer Aidamir Eldarov will soon introduce to the public a new song. Now there is an active work on creating a composition that will be dedicated to fathers.

As the author of the words told - the poet Arthur Kencheshahov, this track is intended to show respect to those about whom so few songs are built - to the fathers.

“There are many songs about parents in the world, and especially many devoted to mothers. About dads sing less often and mostly girls, with tenderness and love. But it is not customary for sons in the Caucasus to openly show their love for their fathers. Therefore, in our composition, the son just expresses his respect and esteem, observing subordination, elevating the father, but without too many feelings, ”Arthur comments.

Rustam Sheudzhen is engaged in arranging the new track, and Aydamir Eldarov himself wrote the music for the song:

“In this composition there are very correct words, Arthur is a patriot of his Homeland, he knows how to present any topic with a soul and concisely. It was easy to write music, I immediately understood how everything should sound. I am sure that when the premiere is held, the audience will appreciate it, ”says Aidamir.

While the new track bears the working title of "Fathers" and very soon, according to the artist, the song will be released.