Every summer Aidamir Eldarov with wife Fatima and daughter Aidana choose a few days to go to the sea.

Leaving for a short while a record of songs, performances and tours, the artist takes his family along the coast. According to Fatima, this tradition appeared with the birth of the baby: “On the day of discharge, we had a fun contest for us to“ share the responsibilities ”for caring for the child. On that day, Aydamir took out an envelope with a task from the box and read aloud: "I will carry to the resorts!" He kept his word, Aidana was only 20 days when the first three of us went to sea. Since then, it has become one of the family customs. ”

The last two years, the Eldarov go to Abkhazia. This time they have already managed to visit several cities and are now heading from Sukhumi to Gagra.

“In Abkhazia, we are already at home! The weather here is excellent, the sea is clean, the people are very hospitable! There are many of those who love and appreciate my work, which is especially nice. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to come because of the tight schedule, but when we get out, we are always satisfied with the vacation we spent here! ”, Says the performer.

Well, on arrival, Aidamir Eldarov plans to release two new songs: “I Can’t Understand” and “Without Words”, which the arrangers are currently working on, and to start shooting a new video together with the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”