Alan Olav Walker, Anglo-Norwegian music producer and DJ, together with the performers Tomine Harket and Au / Ra released 27 on July 4, a new single dedicated to the journey to the dark side.

The melodiousness of the song and the good vocal data of the artists are well balanced by the text of the track, inviting the listener to go into the night, stay there and generally connect with the darkness in all its manifestations.

Such optimism is characteristic of most of Alan Walker's works, imbued with the quest for the unknown, loss of meaning, calls to say goodbye and get lost. Nevertheless, the performer sells well in the western market of audio and video products, he is actively listened, watched and discussed.

So, for example, his clip for the song “Faded”, released in 2015, has so far gained almost two billion views and the number of comments approaching one million. It is now quite obvious to us that we understand a little in music, since we were at a loss to find the reasons why the ordinary video sequence, shot in the destroyed architectural locations of Estonia and equipped with primitive text, could so be loved by the public.

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