From 14 to 20 in May, St. Petersburg hosted the XIII Festival of musical creativity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Shield and Lira” and the XXVII All-Russian charity event of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation “Mercy of the White Nights” dedicated to the memory of employees of internal affairs bodies and military personnel of the internal forces who died during call of duty. Both events were held as part of the celebration of the 300 anniversary of the Russian police, and the main event of the festival was a creative competition in which the ministry employees were able to demonstrate their vocal and choreographic talents.

Albina and Fati Tsarikayev were recognized as the best vocal duet of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Albina and Fati Tsarikayev were recognized as the best vocal duet of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

To take part in this festival in St. Petersburg went and actress music publishing house "Sound-M" Albina и Fati Tsarikayevs, who not so long ago joined the ranks of the Interior Ministry officers. At the initiative of the Minister of the Interior for the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Lieutenant-General of Police Mikhail Skokov, Albina became the production director of the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Faty - his chief specialist.

“Mikhil Ivanovich loves the culture of Ossetia very much, treats it with respect and reverence,” says Fathi, “he does a lot to maintain patriotism in people, love for his homeland, its history, culture and traditions of the ancestors. And we are very pleased that he is so attentive to our work, commending our contribution to the development of the culture of the Republic ”.

In general, 68 subjects were represented at the festival, which showed numbers in various nominations. Members of the jury evaluated the participants: People’s Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina, People’s Artist of Russia Igor Sklyar, musicians Rodion Gazmanov and Alexey Kortnev.

The brilliance of the speeches and outstanding talents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs staff turned the concert into a grand celebration, which was difficult to determine. And, what is especially pleasant, in the nomination “Vocal duos” the winners were the sisters Tsarikaev who sang the song “Alans”!

“At first, Albina and I were not even aware of the scope of this event,” says Fathi, “when we went to St. Petersburg, we could not understand how the Ministry of Internal Affairs and creativity could be related. But when they came to the festival, they were shocked by how serious it all was! The preparation of each participant was top notch. As it turned out, they were rehearsing for a very long time, getting ready. It was very interesting to see how, for example, the officer of the road patrol service comes out and performs a song. It would seem that he had just been in his official place, stopped the drivers, checked the documents, and now he stands on the stage and sings no worse than Kobzon! ”

Our singers were immediately invited to take part in the charity gala concert of Russian pop artists, winners and laureates of the All-Russian festival “Mercy of the White Nights”.

“The gala concert was awesome! Congratulatory speech for the winners from the State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia and Counselor of the Russian Federation 1 class Zubov Igor Nikolaevich. Performance together with the stars of the Russian pop, and, of course, our way out with great Nadezhda Babkina! ”Fati commented.

After that, Fati Tsarikayeva was also chosen to represent his region at the general photo of the festival, which was made against the background of a cannon - ten participants in national costumes made a midday artillery shot from the wall of Naryshkin of the bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress that day.

Fati Tsarikayeva on the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress
Fati Tsarikayeva on the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress

Полные новых впечатлений, радости от победы и творческого вдохновения сестры Царикаевы вернулись в Осетию, привезя с собой очередную победу.