Popular singer Alika Bogatyreva in the outgoing month, she managed to give the fans two new tracks: “Karachay” and “In the mouth of others love”.

In both songs, in her usual sensual manner, she sings about love, but about completely different ...

The composition “Karachay” based on the words of Unukh Bogatyryov and the music of Aliki herself was specially written for the Revival Day of the Karachay people.

“This song speaks of the courage and courage of the Karachai people. I wanted to tell about the strength of their spirit, about how, despite all the difficult life tests, the Karachai people stood together and were not broken! This song is dear to me also by the fact that my father's younger brother put his whole soul into writing words to her ... For me, she has already become a little hymn, and every time I play it, I am overwhelmed with pride in my people! ” - says the singer.

The second song, which was recently released, namely, “In the mouth of others, love”, tells the story of love for a man. She wrote the author of many hits - Asya Sanashokova. This is an easy to remember composition about a girl who yearns for her lover on cold May evenings.

“I think every girl will like this composition! It turned out exactly the way Asya and I conceived it - perky and serious at the same time, ”says the artist.

Those who have not yet had time to evaluate the new songs of Alika Bogatyreva, be sure to do it. And do not forget to share your impressions in the comments.