Keshokov Alim Pshemakhovich (1914 – 2001)

Keshokov Alim Pshemakhovich. Photo:

The small village of Shalushka in the Chegem District of Kabardino-Balkaria is known for the birth of Alim Keshokov, people's poet and novelist, order bearer, laureate of various state awards, and author of a new direction of prose, a multidimensional novel. While still studying at the Baksan boarding school, young Alim spoke with its director, Ali Shogentsukov, a famous poet, the future classic of Kabardian Soviet literature. It is this communication that determined the future literary fate of the poet.

Soon the first poetic tests of Keshokov appeared, published on the pages of the Kabardino-Balkarian almanac “New Force” and the collection “The First Step”. This was followed by a series of rapidly developing events: studies at the philological department of the second North Caucasian Pedagogical Institute in Vladikavkaz (graduated from 1935), postgraduate studies of the institute of non-Russian schools in Moscow (1936), marriage to Lopukhova Nadezhda Fedorovna, the beginning of service in the Red Army (1938) , joining the Union of Soviet Writers (1940), appointed Director of the Research Institute of Local History in Nalchik (1940). The result of the work of Alim Keshokov at the Institute of Local History was the publication of the collection “Nart legends” in 1940, in the Kabardian language, under his editorship and with his preface.
From the first days of the Great Patriotic War, the poet took part in guarding the coast from the German assault in the town of Khost, then was a platoon commander in the 115 of the Kabardino-Balkarian cavalry division, Colonel A.F. Skorohod near Rostov.

Alim Keshokov wrote about these events only thirty years later in the novel “Broken Horseshoe”. And then there was Stalingrad, for participation in the battles under this city was awarded the medal "For the Defense of Stalingrad."

Wound, hospital, participation in the liberation of Donbass, Zaporozhye, Melitopol. Then there appeared his military lyric poems “Hearth”, “Kettle”, “Friend”, “Mother of a Soldier”, “Storm in the Mountains” and the poem “Father”. The poet wrote under the unusual pseudonym Alim Bomba-Bay Shtyk-Ogly Sharapn-El Saadi, these were essays, parodies, humorous and satirical poems. The creative energy of the poet grew. And now - the long-awaited victory that Alim Keshokov met in Lithuania.

Keshokov Alim Pshemakhovich | Poets of the Great Patriotic War. Photo: http: //поыты.ргаф.рф
Keshokov Alim Pshemakhovich | Poets of the Great Patriotic War. Photo: http: //поыты.ргаф.рф

Immediately after the victory, the appointment was made by the people's commissar of education of Kabardino-Balkaria, and then the minister of education of the KBA, in 1948 – 1950 - as secretary of the Kabardian regional committee of the CPSU (B).

Alim Keshokov does not stop writing poetry. In 1946, his poetic collection “Horseman's Path” is published, then - poetry collections “The Land of Youth” (1948), “Poems” (1951), “Following the Party” (1953), “In a New House” (1955), “ Poems and poems ”(1956),“ Poems, poems ”(1957),“ Circassian motifs ”(1963),“ Mywehuabe ”(Warm stones, 1964),“ I wish you health ”(1964), and many others.

Since 1971, Alim Keshokov is Secretary of the Board of the Union of Writers of the USSR. He is a member of the Presidium of the Soviet Committee of Solidarity of Asian and African Countries, the Soviet Committee for Relations with Writers of Asia and Africa, works in the leadership of a number of international and all-union associations of writers, presents literature of the peoples of the USSR and Russia in many international cultural forums. And only in 1986, Alim Keshokov retired.

As a writer, Keshokov, Alim Pshemakhovich, was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Hammer and Sickle gold medal.

People's poet of the Kabardino-Balkar ASSR Alim Pshemakhovich Keshokov was awarded with two Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Patriotic War of the First Class, three Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, two Orders of the Red Star, the Orders of Friendship of Peoples, the Sign of Honor, medals, and the Order of the Red Star, medals of the Red Star, Order of Friendship of Peoples, Order of Honor, medals and the DPRK. Winner of the State Prize of the RSFSR named after M. Gorky, Prize named after MA. Sholokhov; awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Sovetskaya Street in Nalchik today bears the name of Alim Keshokov.

Monument to Keshokov for Alim Pshemakhovich in Nalchik. Photo:
Monument to Keshokov for Alim Pshemakhovich in Nalchik. Photo: