Caucasian music. Opinions and preferences

Alina Kochkarova @alinakochkarova_7

(TV presenter)

Alina Kochkarova

Alina Kochkarova

- What do you think are the advantages of Caucasian music?

- It seems to me that for any person living in the Caucasus or born here, such music is a home. And, of course, its advantage is in its originality. We always remember our roots when listening to songs in our native language. Our stage does not allow to forget the purity of our nature and our beginning.

- What is your favorite song on the Caucasian stage? Why?

- Frankly, I loved Caucasian music with all my heart during my student years, because I was far from home. I fell in love forever and now with pleasure I listen to the music of Caucasian performers and, interestingly, I like most of all songs in national languages. As for any songs, I like everything very much. Aliki Bogatyreva, especially the composition "Black birds".

- Which Caucasian performers are you listening to?

- I like the work of many. These include: Alika Bogatyreva, Amirina, Angelica Nachesova, Azamat Bishtov, Astemir Apanasov, Murat Tokov, Islam Malsuygenov и Zulfiya Chotchaeva.

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