Most recently, the singer and actress Alla Boychenko Announced her intention to open her own studio of acting and vocal skills, and now began to recruit for courses.

As the artistic director of the studio, Alla has assembled a talented and experienced team of actors, directors, vocalists and professional educators who will work with everyone from 8 years and older.

“Few people know about my teaching, but our young, ambitious, charming team decided to organize free access for a variety of activities, that is, we experimentally open our studio, which will help you overcome many problems and obstacles to self-development” - says the artist.

Video provided by Alla Boychenko's account

Studying in the studio includes

- "The course of development of a harmonious personality", presented by such disciplines as acting, stage speech, breathing. This will help in overcoming psychological clips and complexes, give freedom in communicating with new people, as well as competent speech, set voice, self-confidence and, most importantly, joy, will help get out of a stressful state.

- “Narrow-profile studies” will help in the preparation of speeches, reports, speeches in front of a large audience, relieve from fears of the stage or microphone.

- "Vocal".

- "In-depth study of theatrical and acting skills." This course is suitable for those who are preparing to enter the universities of creative orientation or, as the organizers joke, just all my life I dreamed of playing in the same performance with Robert Deniro.

All types of activities involve both group and individual form of training. You can learn more by calling: + 79251733873

Teachers of acting and vocal courses by Alla Boychenko

Sarkis Aslanyan - vocal teacher
Sarkis Aslanyan - vocal teacher
Alexandra Akmanova - vocal teacher
Alexandra Akmanova - vocal teacher