Popular singer and songwriter, star of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” - Amirina is preparing a big author's concert with the participation of Caucasian pop artists.

Over the years of her creative activity, Amirina presented her listeners with many hits, such as Kalym. Murata Tkhagalegova"Trains" Magameta Dzybova or “Love is poison,” performed by the singer herself. Now, according to her, the time has come to gather the artists with whom she works on the same stage and together remember her favorite songs, as well as present new tracks.

“My first author's concert was held in November 2012 of the year and left a lot of positive emotions. I think it's time to share with our listeners new songs. I plan to invite Magameta Dzybova, Aidamira Eldarova, Ruslana и Ramazan Kitemesses, Islam Itlyashevaand many others. The plans also songwriting for Artur Khalatova“We have been friends with him for a long time and are now in search of the next hit,” comments Amirina.

How does this search go and is it easy to part with the songs you are working on, applying a lot of mental strength? The author answered this question as follows:

“Almost every song passes through my soul, my heart, in some of them my story is reflected, and perhaps no one realizes this. When transmitting a song to another performer, it is important for me how the listener will perceive it, whether it will find a response in his heart, whether he will recognize himself in it. When writing the next track, I, of course, take into account the image of the artist himself, his preferences. But I don’t always write what he sang before, because the new song, which is not similar to the former style of the artist, makes me reveal other facets of his talent and look at it differently! ”

Author's concert Amirina scheduled for November. As the singer promises, guests, in addition to meeting with their favorite artists, expect performances of choreographic groups, as well as contests and gifts.