Amirina is preparing to release a new album under the working title “You are my life”.

According to the artist, it will include multi-genre tracks written by her over the past few years.

“Currently about six songs have been recorded. There both modern popular music, and lyrical compositions, and, of course, favorite songs in the Caucasian dance style. The song “You are my life”, according to which I decided to name the album, is one of my favorite ones. She has a light, catchy melody, she conveys all the feelings of a person’s soul, and the words of this track are close to everyone in love, ”the singer says.

The release of the new album for Amirina is an opportunity to share personal experiences and thoughts with its listeners, to inspire and surprise the public.

“When you are the author and the performer of all your songs, you want to share this! To be heard, to give joy and in general to reveal all the facets of their skills, ”- says the performer.

But the new album is not the only project on which Amirin is currently working. According to her, the shooting of the video for one of the tracks begins, the name of which she still keeps a secret. As the artist put it, “let's keep the intrigue, but I’ll say it will be a fun and interesting plot, and you will love the song!”