Amirina took part in the program "Let's go, eat!" With John Warren

Amirina cooked "Beetle and Busta" on the show "Let's go, let's eat!"

It has long been known that Amyrins a lot of talents: she sings on stage, writes songs, and builds a lawyer’s career. But not all her fans know that the actress has another “super-power” - she cooks great! John Warren, the host of the popular TV show “Let's Go, Let's Eat!”, Was convinced of this the other day, Amirina became the heroine of the next edition.


“The shooting of the program took place in one of the most picturesque parts of Karachay-Cherkessia - in Dombay. We were preparing a dish of traditional Abaza cuisine "Beast and basta". We talked about the traditions and customs of the Caucasian people, about the secrets and peculiarities of cooking national dishes and much more. Viewers will see all this in one of the new releases, ”says the singer.

John Warren has visited the Karachay – Circassian Republic for the first time; according to him, the hospitality and openness of the Caucasian people amaze and delight, and therefore he always comes here with pleasure.

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The program "Let's go and eat" with John Warren @johnwarren_ntv @ntvru @poedempoedim_official Cooked traditional Abaza dish "Zichi + Basta". "Fabulous hotel-restaurant" premium class "Andersen". Well, I can't help but joke ... I don’t know why they say that red is an Abaza color, apparently the color of the flag plays a role here. So, I decided to match the red color, and especially as in the kitchen without a scarf, then? And here I’m all in red heading to the place of shooting, to meet a couple of tourists, hotel guests, (I immediately see genuine interest on their faces - Oh, girl, but will there be some kind of show? I answer, yes, of course. They are –Oh, cool. And what's the name? Realizing that I'm all in red, in a red scarf in the Andersen restaurant, I cheerfully answer “Show Little Red Riding Hood” 😂 - Wow, we will definitely come, they say, and hurried “went to get ready”. I heard loud laughter of the hotel-restaurant staff - Amirina, yeah, you don’t Nimaat, straight to the point, they laughed ————————————— # let's go to eat # izee i iziiny # go back to my home # abazine # abazinka # wetah # golem # amyrina avtorpeses # @abazatoday @y_d_abazaa abaziny @ abazinka # abazinka # abazinka # abazinka @abazashta @abaza_shta @abaza_sila_kavka @abazashta_gagra @abaza_history @abaza_adyghe_world @ abaza.diaspora @abazinskie_svadby @abaza_folk @world__abaza_congress

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