Author and performer Amirinaon the eve of of your concertworking on writing and recording new tracks.

At the moment, Petruchomusic recording studio is working on a song called “I Will Call You Mine”.

“This is a sensual, emotional composition that conveys character and mood, was created recently,” says Amirina, “inspiration usually comes suddenly, and the composition was born in my head quite by accident, I didn’t think about anything special at that time. Therefore, it is not addressed to anyone specific, but we are all living people and, of course, are filled with some kind of feelings, feelings and emotions that, exactly, push the next track to birth. ”

The song is currently being finalized, the voice has already been registered.

For the first time “I will call you my own” will be performed at the author's concert of the singer, which will be held in Cherkessk on April 25.