“How are you” - this is the name of a duet written by author Timur Kitov for famous artists - Anastasia Avramidi и Asker Kushu.

“I experimented,” says Timur, “I thought of making a comic song. But in “one person” she would have turned out to be the song of one offended person, and as a duet it turns out that the guys are doing each other, and both are, in principle, happy. Redid the text for two and ... voil! It turned out very even ... "

Creating this track, Timur saw it precisely in the performance of these singers, about which he informed them, having thrown off to listen to the song.

"How do you". New track by Anastasia Avramidi and Asker Kushu
"How do you". New track by Anastasia Avramidi and Asker Kushu

“At first, I didn’t attach proper importance to this, as I was preparing solo works,” says Anastasia, “and did not plan to sing a duet. But when he sent me this song in his performance, he immediately agreed, I liked it! Unfortunately, there are partings in the life of every person. And to survive this period is very difficult. We wanted to convey to our listeners that this can be done without offense and quarrels. After all, every meeting and every parting is a new experience, and experience is something that is impossible to learn without living the situation on your own. This track shows that trials that cannot be avoided can at least be easier transferred. ”

To work with Anastasia, Asker agreed immediately and with pleasure. Firstly, they have long been familiar and this, according to the artist, was easy and interesting, and secondly, the very idea attracted him:
“All duets about love are banal - they are either about joint happiness, or about a sad parting. And this track is about something else - it’s about the fact that you can part with your friends. In fact, it happens the same way in life when you leave behind some kind of a novel and this only makes you feel better? This thought attracted me in Timur's song, ”says Asker.

In the future, according to the artist, the shooting of the video is planned, and now we are offering you to listen to the track “How are you”, which is already available on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex.Music. The track is also available in the BOOM application for social network users. VK и Classmates.