Andi Bernadee released the video for the single "Satu Peluang"

Malaysian singer Andi Bernadee presented a melodious video for the song “Satu Peluang”, dedicated to great and pure love, as well as the young man’s attempts to explain his feelings.

My heart is still beating every time I meet you.
I'm trying to say something, but my tongue is silent,
My feelings for you are as broad as the blue ocean,
And I have a chance to get to know you.

This is so cute that I want to know Andy's creativity closer. Let's hope that it does not cover the current tendency to shake in a frame with a pack of dollars, to smoke, sing swear obscene words and dance spasmodically twitching in dim lighting, holding his hands at the crotch. After all, this behavior now gives great views on YouTube, oddly enough.