"Sì" Deluxe - Andrea Bochelli has released a new album

Andrea Bochelli - the famous Italian singer, performer of classical and popular music - released the next masterpiece album “Sì”, which includes almost all of the songs favorite in Russia. Other stars also took part in the work on the record, such as Dua Lipa (the fourth track of the album “If Only”) and a stunning duet of the maestro with his son Mateo.

Difficult road to success

Despite the fact that Andrea Bochelli suffered from rapidly deteriorating eyesight from childhood, as a result of which he underwent 27 operations on his eyes, he finally became blind in 12 years after he was injured while playing football. Nevertheless, he still managed to achieve the fulfillment of his dream and go on stage.

In 1992, Bocelli made a breakthrough by successfully auditioning (at the Italian rock star Zucchero), whose demo tape - by chance or not - got to Luciano Pavarotti. In 1994, Bocelli successfully made his debut at the San Remo music festival, after which, at the personal invitation, Pavarotti took part in a concert program in his hometown of Modena. In the same year, on Christmas Eve, the singer was honored to perform in front of the Pope of Rome.
In 1995, Andrea has already given concerts in many European countries, in her capitals and major cities. His voice sounded in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Belgium.

Andrea Bocelli - the legendary tenor of our time

As we well know, Andrea Bochelli is not only an opera singer, but also a pop singer: in particular, he successfully records the album “Bocelli”, which immediately after the release takes first place in the charts of Germany, Belgium, Italy and France. In different countries, this album repeatedly becomes platinum.

In 1999, the maestro pleases fans with his fifth album, in which Celine Dion also takes part (track “The Prayer”).

This song as a single sold out in the United States alone with more than 10 million copies, and for its performance Bocelli received the Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for Grammy in the “Best New Artist” category. Also, the singer was awarded a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Today, Andrea Bocelli is the best-selling classical music and Italian pop music performer in the world.

About his new work, the maestro says: “This is an album that is very similar to me; it reflects my sensuality and values ​​that I believe in, and I try to convey to the viewer. We could take as the main theme of the album the image of humanity on perpetual travel and love as the driving force of existence ... "

Here and now you don’t need to talk much ... You just have to listen ...

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