From the first sounds of the melody of Anisa @anisamurtaeva “I don’t remember much,” it becomes clear that we have something completely new. The artist herself calls the style of performance of this composition “drunk”, and this is no accident, because the single was born in a similar situation ...
About this - in a short interview that the singer gave us on the day of the premiere.


- Anis, the song “I do not remember much” was written for you by famous author and composer Timur Kitov. How long have you been working with him, and how did it all begin?

- Through 6 handshakes Timur Kitov found me, we met 3 a year ago and decided to work together. As a producer and artist. They composed three beautiful songs. More precisely, he, looking at me, “scanning” my character, image and soul, wrote these tracks, and they really became very personal and similar to me. Among these compositions was “I remember little”.

- Is it true that wine helped her to be born?

- We were in the studio that day, we thought hard, worked and tried to understand how we want to hear the new track, what it will be about. But nothing could come up, and I decided to relax, drink a little whiskey, so that the brain began to think freely. I did not notice how I was "carried away", I was very drunk and could not think of anything at all (laughs)! Timur, looking at me, laughed and the words flowed like a river, themselves: “I thought, they poured a little. I thought, do not see sadness. I thought it was not enough and I saw, I thought I saw, I did not think I saw ... ”- this is exactly about my condition.

- What do you think is the main “trick” of the new composition?

- It is very vital. Girls who have ever been to parties and thought they drank a little were one hundred percent recognized in the song themselves. The manner of performance is “drunk” to match the words of the track.

- I think our readers are no longer eager to get acquainted with the new song. Anis, thank you for sharing!

I remind you that the single “I Remember a Little” is available for listening and downloading on our website, as well as on musical digital platforms.

Listen and download the song Anisa “Little Remember”

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