Today in Russia they celebrate the Day of raspberry jam. A useful and tasty delicacy is prepared in almost every family, and the families of our artists are no exception.

Lovely mistress Angelica Nachesova knows a lot about cooking a variety of dishes of any national cuisine, and even canning is completely successful for her! Especially because she has a true family tradition with raspberries.

“We grow raspberries in the garden behind the house, and we close it every year. When you cook, all the vitamins are killed, so we simply grind it with sugar and put it in the fridge. We even have a separate fridge for raspberry jam. All relatives know about this our tradition. If someone is sick, this is the only jam that helps us all! During the year we are treated exclusively for them ”- says Angelica.

Well, and in order for any dish to be tasty, it must be cooked in a good mood, the artist says: “This is the main secret of a good housewife. Because food energetically absorbs the mood of the one who cooks it. Therefore, it is worthwhile to proceed with a positive mood and with pleasure. Then everything will be fine! ”