Today, on the Day of the deportation of the Karachai people from their native places to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, we suggest you remember the track and watch Aris Appaev’s Tau Khalkym clip.

This is a difficult project, the shooting of which, under the leadership of director Mikhail Konov, took place in the most beautiful corners of our region: on Elbrus, Chegemsky waterfalls and in the village of Upper Balkaria. Here, with the help of the actors, deportation scenes were played.

Aris Appaev (ARIS)
Aris appaev

“We tried our best to convey all the emotions, all the pain and to give, thus, the video realistic. This song is about the resettlement of my people, about the hardships and hardships. I could not ignore the most burning topic. They resettled not only Balkar, but also other nations. May God grant that there will never be such grief, and a peaceful sky over our heads! ”, Says Aris.

The author of the lyrics is Rustam Tambiev, composed the music and made the arrangement Aris Appaev on his own. The composition is available for listening and downloading.