Lyric composition called “Sad Moon” was presented today by the famous Armenian singer Aro-ka @

The words to the track were written by a poet Igor Blotskybut the music, according to the artist, was born herself, in the moonlight, which gave the name of the future song ...


“The melody came to my mind suddenly,” Aro-ka says, “I once had a strange dream and, waking up at three o’clock, I could no longer fall asleep that night. But it occurred to me while walking a new song. I got up, got dressed and went to my studio, where I created this music. The words for the single were written by Igor Blotsky, whom we recently met and began to collaborate with. He perfectly expressed what was growing in my soul, so the song turned out so beautiful, deep. ”

The cooperation between the musicians is not over, at the moment Aro-ka and Igor Blotsky are working on another project - a track called "My Son". So soon fans of the artist’s creativity will hear another novelty. In the meantime, we suggest you get acquainted with the single “Sad Moon”, which is already available for listening on our website.

Listen and download Aro-ka’s song “Sad Moon”

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