An unusual musical novelty has appeared today in digital showcases - rap singer Ars Kaverin together with the company Sound-M present the track “FK Rostov”, dedicated to the football club “Rostov”, whose fan Ars has been for five years now.

“The idea of ​​music and text belongs to me. There is a feeling that this composition can become a “folk” or even an unofficial hymn of my favorite club, which I try to support in every possible way. In 2016, when FC Rostov played in the Champions League, I organized a photo flash mob of fans, in which even former club players and media personalities from TV took part. As a soundtrack for the flash mob, the first version of the song was written, created together with Ilya Ferre, who had a hand in many hits: from “I-rap” St1m to “Mama Lyuba” of the group “Silver”. But the final version, which everyone will hear today, we arranged together with Andrey Genchev, with whom I have been working for many years. The demo version of the song has already managed to conquer its listener, so I think that everything worked out, ”says the author and performer.

According to Ars Kaverin, this track is intended to convey that the spirit of victory and struggle to the very end has always been inherent in the players of the Rostov club:

“The legendary performance of the club in the Champions League is far from the limit,” says the artist, “there will be more! Plus, I wanted to pay tribute to the legends of the club, such as Aspen, Pletikosa, Maslov, Kirichenko ”.

Listen and download Arsa Kaverin's song “FK Rostov”

You can listen and download the song “FC Rostov” on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex.Music, as well as in the BOOM application (for users of social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki) .

Ars KaverinArs Kaverin - a representative of the Rostov school of hip-hop. The participant of the International Hip-Hop Festival "Coffee Grinder", the repeated winner of the annual festival of street culture "SNICKERS URBANIA", the participant of numerous air shows on MusTv in the program "Pro-review". Cooperation with such labels as "Gazgolder", "Central Administrative District" and "Sound-M".

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