Popular singer in the south of Russia Artur Sargsyan together with the music publishing company “Zvuk-M” released his album “Predal”!

The album of a favorite of the female audience includes 7 songs, video clips were made for each of them. To the question “why did he choose such an interesting way to promote his work?”, Arthur replies: “The music business is not standing still and is constantly changing. It is necessary all the time to invent new ways to bring your music to the audience. For me, YouTube has become such a tool. ” And, it seems, the artist was right - the millions of views of his clips eloquently speak about it.

The artist's work is characterized by colorful rhythms and memorable motifs, in which such seemingly distant genres as chanson and pop music organically intertwined. It is always generously seasoned with oriental motifs and simple, but honest lyrics, in which the singer talks about the experiences of his characters.

From today, the Predal album is available in all digital stores, including iTunes, Apple Music, google play, Yandex music and Beeline Music.