Soon Arthur Khalatov goes to a concert tour of the cities of Russia, and, as is customary, before this prepares a new program, in which not only his favorite hits will sound, but also the latest songs.

One of such novelties will be a track called “Lanterns”, the words to which were written by Arthur Kenchesha, and the music by Arthur Besaev. To record the background vocals, the Robes invited Margarita Biragova.

“Lanterns” is a song about nonreciprocal love and suffering of a man in love. According to the artist, this is a life composition, very deep, but at the same time understandable.

Recording a new track goes to the studio of Igor Oparin

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“We work in a modest, but very competent studio,” shared Arthur Khalatov, “developed music, I’m not afraid of the word,“ star ”! Since the head of this studio is a famous sound engineer, sound producer, maestro, genius Igor Oparin! This person works with famous artists not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. Here are also recorded performers MiyaGi & Endgame. And it was in this studio that the musical name “Arthur Khalatov” was born. Throughout my creative career, I work only in the studio of Igor (ZAZ) Oparin. As the maestro himself says, “the studio is not walls, a microphone and other equipment, a studio — it is always with you, it is in the head ...”.

The result of the work of such a professional team you will hear at the concerts of Arthur Khalatov in your city. Now the singer is preparing for the tour and predicts plans for the next year, promising many new and interesting clips and planning access to the federal music channels.