“Brown-eyed brunette, now quiet, then yoke ...” - this is how she describes in her new song Aslan Kyatov @ aslan.kyatov attractive girl playing with hearts. Her image was born in the head of the author Fatima Kambiyeva, and Aslan, having familiarized himself with the text, immediately decided that such a composition would be a wonderful decoration of his repertoire, and he himself wrote music to it.

Aslan Kyatov
Aslan Kyatov

“How often do men fall in love with their eyes!” And how painful it is sometimes to realize that a non-permanent nature hides behind them. Such stories happen all the time. I am sure that many of my listeners were led once to “beautiful eyes”, and then they got burned. This song is about them. But you need to keep only the best in your memory, so that later without regret you will remember the experienced days and emotions. And it’s best to do it to the music - to my new track! ”Says the singer.

You can listen and download the song “Brown-eyed” on our website, as well as on any of the digital music venues.

Listen and download the song "Brown-eyed" by Aslan Kyatov

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