Popular musician, Honored Artist of Karachay-Cherkessia and the Republic of Adygea Aslan Tlebzu devotes a lot of time to charity projects. Together with other Caucasian pop stars, he organized a concert, the goal of which was not only to raise funds for the treatment of sick children, but also to draw public attention to this area.

Aslan has recently talked about this and many other things on the air. TV channel "Kuban 24" with the head of the charity fund for children “Land of Good” Yana Storozhuk, in the framework of the program “Good Wednesday”.

Yana also asked Aslan about his personal visits to the families of sick children and about the help that the artist provides to them. To which he replied:

“Personally, it gives me peace of mind, balance, develops, strengthens the feeling of care. Not just like a man’s sense of caring for a child, but generally as a person. You feel much more strongly the sense of what you are doing and for what you are doing it, for whom. ”

In addition, they discussed a lot of interesting things, for example: how does an artist day begin and how to make your morning kind? How did he come to the world of music? They also talked about work schedules, sports and vocation.

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