Astemir Terkulov's track “GashHashNNXXer Weight” is now on all digital platforms!

Today, a bright novelty in the world of Caucasian music has appeared on the windows of digital stores - a beautiful, melodic composition with the romantic name “GushchNNXHer uerrash” (“My Life”), performed by Astemir Terkulova.

Listen and download Astemir Terkulov's song “GashtchNNXXer Uerush”

This is another artist's song written for him by a famous author, composer and performer. Betal Ivanov.

Astemir Terkulov
Astemir Terkulov

“We have long been friends with Betal, he is a fantastic musician, singer and just a great person. All my songs that I am releasing now are his work. At the moment I am writing an album with him, and once, while studying the material, we stumbled upon an old recording - the music that Betal wrote a long time ago. She immediately hooked me to an unusual arrangement for the local stage. As a result, from this melody, in combination with beautiful poems, such a song was born, catching its simplicity and unusual presentation, ”Astemir said.

For the first time the composition “Gasht NNXX erw” was performed at the concert of Betal Ivanov, in which Terkulov also took part, and, according to him, the hall was impressed!

“Judging by the reaction of the audience during and after the concert, as well as hearing regular questions on where to download this track, I can say that the song was a success! I want to dedicate it to all the brightest feelings that people can experience, and wish the listener that everyone has a person to whom we could say the words: “life is you,” and it was mutual! ”Astemir summed up.

The song “Gushch1 erwritt” is already available in the showcases of music services.

Lyrics of the song “Gasht NNXX erw” by Astemir Terkulova

“Gusch1 erw”

1 couplet
Dogs 1ufe shchuant1em sy1hihami
Psyr zeNNXXuschasher uera kyysfNNXXkoshNNUMX
Ukak1ue sfNNXXash1u spliced
Ushizmyl'aguk 1e, si gur hosx1.

Gushch1 erw
Lagunyg'e se pkhuesssci si dakhe
Si psar dephyehashch

2 couplet
Sopl uafe lazhchNNHMheem, gugjer sshNNXHygyusch
Sy nit1yr uafam schodzheraz.
Uzimygusem Mahuer Googuschi,
Wareenham gashlachNNHXher miterraz.


3 couplet
Wes1uestyl1enut, sypkheazami,
Sy lagunigyer, si guhel,
We are whitefish kyuplyuyuem kyyhdzaue
Wired uXNUMH iusyr wursch, zahh. ”

"My life"

1 couplet
When I go to the coast green
I think the river whispers about you.
It seemed that you go to me,
but looking around you are not there.
Heart aches when I do not see you.


Life is you, only you!
I am in love with you my beautiful
You captured my heart! 2 couplet:

2 couplet
I look at the sky and hope
My eyes whirl in the sky
I have no life without you,
there is no happiness without you.


3 couplet
If we met, I would tell about my love,
Hear me, my heart sings for you. ”

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