Dagestan will host a festival of traditional culture and folklore

October 17 in the Shamil district of Dagestan will host the VII Republican festival of traditional culture and folklore "Avar Koisu - the river of friendship."

This festival was specially organized by the RDNT, the administration and the management of the culture of the municipality in order to contribute to the preservation and development of the Avar traditional culture and folklore.

The participants of the festival this year are folk groups and folk singers from Untsukulsky, Gumbetovsky, Khunzakhsky, Charodinsky, Botlikhsky, Gergebilsky, Akushinsky, Shamilsky, Gunibsky, Tlyara Tinsky, Akhvakhsky, Khasavyurtsky, Kulinsky, Levashinsky districts and Bezhtinsky.

Traditionally, the event will determine the best performers of folk songs and dances, as well as the most talented in playing folk instruments. Such events help popularize among the youth the traditions of the rich culture of the Shamil District.

Among the talented Dagestani performers there are artists who have long and fruitfully cooperate with the music publishing company "Sound-M". We invite you today to recall several tracks performed by them in the Avar language ...

Photo: https://www.riadagestan.ru

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