A talented musician presented the single "You will be there forever"

The audience has heard in the repertoire Azamat Tsavkilova songs created by the poet and composer German Popov.

Today, the author released a new track - “You will be there forever,” this time in his own performance.

“The composition was born spontaneously, I wanted to write something good, unobtrusive,” says Herman, “now there are so many different kinds of music in the world, I wanted to bring a drop of kindness, sincerity and simplicity into the history of world music. When a song is from the heart, it will definitely hook someone!
And although it was interesting for me to feel myself in the role of a performer, I still position myself more as an author and a composer, so even this track would gladly help some interested artist to sing. In general, those who are looking for themselves in music and in search of new singles, please contact us! I am pleased to work on your repertoire! ”

You can listen and download Hermann's debut song “You will be there forever”, right now on our website.

Listen and download Hermann's song “You will be with you forever”

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