December 11 celebrates International Mountain Day

"Only mountains can be better than mountains,
On which have not yet been ... "
V. Vysotsky

We all are well aware of these famous lines of the popular song “Farewell to the Mountains” by Vladimir Vysotsky, sounded in the movie “Vertical”. As the author rightly noticed in the same place, “how many songs and mountains wake up at us” ... And today, when the whole world celebrates the International Day of Mountains, immortal works of poets, musicians, writers and artists once inspired by the beauty and grandeur of the mountains come to mind, forcing to create, to love and deeply feel unity with nature ...

But besides this, the holiday is intended to draw public attention to the problems of the development of the mountain regions of the planet and the need to assist their people.

To this end, numerous thematic exhibitions, fairs, concerts, lectures and seminars are held in different cities. For example, the Grechishkin Art Gallery in Stavropol will celebrate the International Day of Mountains by organizing a tour of the landscapes of the North Caucasus, which Pavel Grechishkin wrote; Guests can also get acquainted with experienced climbers who will tell about their ascents to the peaks of the Caucasus.

In Moscow, amusement parks for young explorers of peaks prepared holiday discounts; December 15 will host an event in Krasnodar to draw attention to the problems of the development of the mountain regions of the planet - "Forests and their role in maintaining the sustainable development of mountain areas."

The musical publishing house “Zvuk-M” also did not remain aloof from the celebration of the Day of the Mountains, because this theme is one of the most popular artists in the work with whom we work. The beauty of the mountain peaks of the Caucasus, gray-haired, stately, keeping in itself the secrets of the history and customs of our ancestors ... How many beautiful compositions devoted to the mountains of the Caucasus!

We invite you to remember and listen to them today! Meet the festive playlist "Oh, these mountains!", Which is available for listening on Beeline Music, Yandex.Music, and also in VK and OK!

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