A new composition in the Kabardian language was released - “Dygery kyukulyklir” (“The Sun at Dawn”) performed by Azamata Bekova @aza_bek и Renata Beslaneeva.

Why are we born, live? What do we bring to this world through words and music that contain great power? The essence of the song is love, which, as Dante wrote, “moves the sun and the luminaries,” like streams of spring water, threads of sunlight, it purifies and communes those who have fallen to its source! Lovers do not know fear, they are free and able to overcome all obstacles. Life is love! We want to remind the audience about this again.

Thanks to the author of words and music, a talented songwriter Aslan Mamiev @mamiev_aslan for understanding what kind of character and content we wanted to play a composition and, of course, thanks to Roman Fakov @romafakov, for the qualitative realization of the thoughts of both the author and the performers of this composition into reality.

Listen and download the single "Dygery kykuoklyr" on our website.

Listen and download the song "Dygery kyukulyklir"

The text of the song "Dygari kykuoklyr"

1. Psyz yozhekhyr, kypfIIyeshII,
Hyshhuem nyhupiaschIeu.
Lagunygue NEM kyyshIihym
Ui deyge syntage.
Ui guryljer kepiuetenu,
Ze, uhuemypIashIe.
Psaluu zhypIer we gushiyu
Schytme kjegzhezh.

Dygari kykuokIyr,
Se phuessko gukekIyu,
Egheuhabe we are duneir,
Psam cilechuyeu syzyhueyr,
Lõhueu syzykhueyim

Vagueizhyr, Wafe Jabam,
Psychic1au Schlock1uedyr.
Abhuedehheu psam and 1effection
Kokhur shykIueyzh.
Vagueizhyom yomygapshche
Werk1e Gum or Pezhyr
Gukhal kabzem, lagunigyem
Zei zimyhuezh.


Infinitely talkative river hurried
True love comes to us in life.
Do not rush to confess feelings If this is true
If this is true, come back again and again.

The sun at dawn,
Soul warms
Shining light
Loving hearts
I'm only looking for you,
And I'm coming to you ...
Among the whole universe, I am looking for you. I will find you…

2. Stars go out early in the morning,
There behind the clouds.
And with them carry all the hopes and dreams.
Millions of stars will light our hearts
If feelings are genuinely pure.

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