The other day the star of the music publishing house "Sound-M" Azamat Bekov He became the hero of the radio show "Hot Midday" on "Radio Russia of the KBR."

In a live broadcast, in an interview with the presenter Svetlana Nagoyeva, the artist told the audience about his participation in festivals and concerts organized by the Circassian Diaspora, which were held abroad.

“In April I was at the Adyg New Year's festival in Amman and Jordan, and in May I took part in the annual Festival of Circassian Culture, which was held in Germany - in the cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf and Leverkusen. Later, in September, I went to the town of оруorum, which is very close to the capital of Turkey, Ankara, and held a concert there with the participation of various Circassian art groups, ”said Azamat.

In addition, the singer said that he is currently working on recording several songs in Kabardian, Adyghe and Russian, as well as preparing a new concert program, which fans will be able to see next spring.