A frank conversation with the performer of the hits “Time”, “Orevuar”, “If you knew”, as well as the performer of the Adyg folk songs, the artist of the musical theater - Azamat Tsavkilov. Azamat told about the creative search, about his personal life and popularity, about plans and unexpected projects.

Azamat Tsavkilov
Azamat Tsavkilov

Your last the song "If you knew"as it is fashionable to say - went well! Congratulations! But not only I have a question: will there be a full-fledged clip on it?

- From the first day, as we put this song on the network, questions from listeners showered - will there be a clip? We think about it. If the song goes even further - it will be! I'm ready! (laughs)

More than a year ago, you reported that the release of the song "If you knew," is only the beginning of a new project. Is it possible in more detail, what is this project and how is it going?

- We are at the stage of selecting songs. People mostly know me as a singer of folk songs, and this is the Russian-language direction - a new one. In general, I try a lot - and opera, and chanson, and folk, and "pop" ... I am in constant creative search in the first place myself!

By the way, Anisa Murtayeva (singer, actress), after another vocal casting in Moscow, said that the jury did not recognize the singer in her, but recognized as an actress, since she had more than a parody of other singers, and now she goes into actresses. Thus was born the project # claraijozeffice.

- Yes, they have done well

You did not think to try yourself in a humorous genre?

- Not! Not exactly humor! I, as a dramatic actor, work in a musical theater, and recently the premiere of the operetta Arshin Mal Alan, where I played the main character, Asker, a rich merchant.

So what is your education?

For any inquiries, We're here to answer you. In 2008, I graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Civil Engineering, just like my father. And in the musical part, relatively recently he graduated from the Conservatory. SV Rakhmaninov in Rostov-on-Don, pop-jazz faculty.

For this song, “If you knew,” is there a story behind this hit?

- Well, in general, how do young people succeed in relationships - first they all flirt, show themselves from the best side, and when they get closer, difficulties begin, and by and large, they do not understand each other. And I wanted everyone to see themselves from the outside. Therefore, it is probably worth making a video.

Follow the success of a song on the network?

- Happenes. For example, I follow the song “If you knew ...”. On the fourth day after placement, there were already more 10000 views!

And what is the most successful?

- While the most successful song is "Time". Very often, people remember her, fragments from the clip, where the piano is lit, where the child is crying ... Both young and old - everyone finds something in it for themselves, and it is not necessary that such a tragedy should happen to one of them. Well, and, of course, “Orevuar” - such incendiary, Latin-American dances - love it.

How do you remember the shooting of the video for the song "Time"?

- The first thing I remember is cold. It was really cold when a fire brigade was watering me with a hose for taking a double by double. On the first day, they could not even get to the location of the filming, they had to call the second car, pump out the water ... It was not easy. But the most important thing for me is to show the emotional side of the song. Like, for example, if I sing about my mother, I either walk up, or somehow look with a look.

And what role did you play in creating the hit “At the disco”, because you didn’t sing in it?

- I didn’t sing, but how often after this video I was asked to sing this song, but I don’t sing it! Sometimes, if we work somewhere together with Sultan (Khazhiroko), I sing along with him, but never myself. I was pleased to support my colleagues then. This scene with corn - when I come to my village (the native village of Azamat - Urukh), I meet with seniors, we often remember how we stole corn, apples together, bathed in a river, baked potatoes in the coals. Today's generation does not know these joys ...

Popular performers are often blamed for singing plus. How do you feel about these reproaches? Or maybe you have something to answer these people?

- I can honestly say here since the time when I worked in the A-mix team, if the equipment sounds bad at the event - we performed under the "plus", so as not to be dishonored. This does not mean that you sing badly, it means that you care about the viewer and your future. But I myself am completely for live singing. Recently, I gathered a large team - from winds to strings, a total of about 50 people. We prepared a big program for the concert, and everything sounded live. But I want to say that in our conditions one sound check is not enough. To sound like we would like, you need to have your own concert equipment, as happens with world-famous musicians. We are still far from such opportunities. But I got a lot of experience, we had a concert with the full hall, we recorded it, and now it can be found on the Internet.

Given the fact that you sing in the opera, no one should have any questions about your performing abilities!

- Yes (laughs). By the way! I was recently given the lead role in Traviata. Already started learning the party Alfredo. The premiere is scheduled for next April. Taking this opportunity, I would like to invite everyone.

And where can I find out about the exact date of the premiere, about the time?

- I always report my performances on the Instagram page (@azamat_tsavkilov)

Are you a married man? Do you have children?

- Yes, I have a son, four years.

How to combine these two roles - the role of the artist and the family man?

- Our family happiness largely rests on my wife. She is a past dancer and knows all the specifics. Understands and supports me. Of course, it happens that it will be jealous, but it happens to everyone.

And the son already shows talents? Is he a singer, dancer, or engineer?

- While he is a wrestler. No matter how I come home, he immediately pulls to fight ... But he listens to songs, dances, asks questions ... millions of questions (laughs). More education, as well as answers to all questions, is engaged more by the hostess ...

Which of your idols would you like to sing a duet with?

- Of foreign ones, I love Louis Armstrong, Brian Adams ... And of ours - Leps! Ever since I worked as a singer in a restaurant, I was obliged to know all the popular songs. And then I fell in love with the work of Grigory Leps, especially the “First Birthday”. Stas Mikhailov, of course, too. But for me, Leps is interested in not so much creativity as his manner of behavior on the stage, free, even “loose”. And Mikhailov is different, he is attentive to the viewer, speaks to the public, reads poetry ... Of course, I love Vysotsky.

And from contemporaries, maybe not only North Caucasian pop music?

- I never thought even. If an interesting offer comes in, I always agree with it with pleasure. So I am open to suggestions, only so that it is serious, to have a duet sing a duet, and not to throw halfway through. Although, with Azamat Bishtov we quite recently recorded a song and agreed that if we don’t work together, we can perform it solo.

How do you feel about popularity? On the street find out?

- Yes, it is interesting. When they find out, they do not give a look, and then I hear how they say among themselves “Tsav, Tsavk”. The same letters can be heard from a distance. Funny. Or, for example, I like to go to the market, I buy homemade products, the most delicious ones are there. And they can recognize me: “This is Tsavkilov!” And because of a nearby shop, someone else is loud: “Well, so what !? We now dance or what? ". They are up to it. At such moments I feel uncomfortable, and I pass on. Or another thing: somewhere at the event they stood side by side - they already say: “I know him ...”. As if we are personally acquainted. Therefore, I say, we do not have stars, but people “starred” (laughs).
It is most pleasant when the elders come up and approvely approve that I sing good songs. After all, I began by re-singing, rewriting old Adyg songs. But despite the fact that now I sing new songs in Russian, I will not leave old songs, I will never leave.

Today you are in demand in the Caucasus. Do you want to go beyond the Caucasus stage, or are you already taking steps in this direction?

- Yes, I would like to tell you right away. And in the pop, and in the actor's direction. I would like to play in a musical

I wish you this success! Thank you for talking!

- Thank