The composition "From Heart to Heart", written by Amir Kulov, Azamat Tsavkilov @azamat_tsavkilov presented on eponymous charity concertwhich annually organizes on his birthday for people in difficult situations.

Today, the artist presented a video for this song, shot and edited by “KOKOEV studio” @kokoev_islam .

Azamat Tsavkilov
Azamat Tsavkilov

“We didn’t invent any intricate plots, but simply shot a studio clip in the pavilion of“ One Light Studio, ”says Azamat,“ I want the audience to listen to the words first and feel their deep meaning - that while we are with each other , we help and support each other, all adversities can be won! ”

The video for the song “From Heart to Heart” can be viewed on our website and on the YouTube channel “Zvuk-M”.

Watch Azamat Tsavkilov's music video “From Heart to Heart”