Meet the new song of the popular singer of Caucasian chanson!

Azamat Pheskhov presented another novelty - a composition to the words of Aslan Abdokov - “Trump ace”. He wrote the music and made the arrangement to the track Ruslan Abdokov.

Listen and download Azamat Pheshkhov's song “Trump ace”

The song tells the story of real male friendship, moral choice, loyalty and betrayal.

"... We are players, but we do not always win ..." - with this phrase the main character of the song makes it clear to the audience that playing is not fair and living not by the rules, winning can only be obtained by rare chance, which does not promise great happiness.
To judge whether it is worth it, the artist offers his audience on their own.

So we bring to your attention a new track by Azamat Pheskhov and we wish you a pleasant listening!

How Azamat Pheshkhov recorded the song "Trump Ace", you can watch the video

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Publication from Azamat Pheskhov (@azamat_pkheshkhov)

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