“My bride” (“My betrothed”) is the name of the new single from the Kabardian language Azamata Zakuraeva @azamat_zakuraev. Wrote "Si Kesheng" author and composer Timur Losanov @timur_losan.

Azamat Zakuraev
Azamat Zakuraev

“This is a song about sincere feelings for a girl who conquered the heart of a guy who wants her to share his life path with him and become his only one,” comments the performer.

For listening and downloading, the composition “Sea Keshen” is already available on all digital platforms and on our website.

Listen and download Azamat Zakuraev’s song “Si Keshen”

Lyrics of Azamat Zakuraev "Si Keshen"

1 couplet

Xi Shahu Guer Weredu Nuzhz1
Xi kasheny papshn1e zaheshelshyash
Xi guhalym hude zahefshch1am
X psalier fi psalhyue fng1


Bjahahuem and 1 hash and Bjjé ts1yk1
Fo lihyuak1yeschshyrkabzau
Huapser Nyzogak 1ue Lyuhu ui Dage
Huahizhynyushi hati focher
Dahe Kyyedgyah di Xnumxihyer
Si pho xnumxhyer si pse xnumxhyer warsh
Ue zash mash1eu zyk'ezgashash1и
Kyslägäes yi f1gyugue dog 1her
Si kashenu daham sopseljyu
Se rash1ash1eu ssch1 and znesch1
Hyuapse mateu guge keps1yr
Si kashenu daham sopseljyu
Syzehesh 1e dae suriliyyushch

2 couplet

Shigu izyr wirk
Nykue nykueu t1umi thurikyuash
Dee huenykuer derk
Hyupsepsym and 1ubiguy thorough1

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