A new reading of Caucasian musical classics - the folk song "Khasbulat" was presented in its version by Kazbek and Alibek Khubiev today.

The performers of the popular compositions “Why I Loved”, “Fly”, “The Ringing Ring”, known to the general public as Khubiev brothers, decided to make a remake of the famous song about marital betrayal. The tragic composition tells of the suffering of the protagonist and his cruel revenge. The history of Khasbulat acquired a new sound, but did not lose its deep emotional component.

We invite you to get acquainted with the new version of the track - you can listen and download it on our website and on all digital platforms.

Listen and download the Khubiev brothers' Khasbulat song

Lyrics of the Khubiyev brothers "Khasbulat"

Hasbulat daring
Your poor hackle
Gold treasury
I will shower you

Dam dagger and horse
With Kabardian carpet
And for that, for everything.
You give me your wife

Under the plane tree thick
We sat together
And the moon was shining
Illuminating around

See that Mozdok
The thick coast is steep
I’m in the forest yesterday
Was with your wife

She gave herself to me
Until the last day
And Allah swore
What does not love you

Khasbulat, Do not Cry
I'll give everything for my wife
You will be very rich
You will be a prince yourself

Prince, his long story
You lead in vain
You with your young wife
I got in the woods

Take it, prince, treasury
And own it yourself
For the wife’s infidelity
I will give it for nothing

Admire go
To his bride
She sleeps by the river
And with a dagger in his chest

I closed her eyes
Drowning in tears
My kiss froze
On her lips

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