The video for the song "Free Yourself" was released on The Chemical Brothers

The music community watches a rare case when the release of the video ahead of the premiere of the original track: The Chemical Brothers new song "Free Yourself" was released on November 16 2018 of the year, while the video on it was published on the group's channel two days before.

Как writes RollingStone magazine about this video, quote ”“ Factory robots rebel against their programming and get to the dance floor in the bright video “Free Yourself” by the Chemical Brothers. The directors Dom & Nic follow the security guard, who goes to his worldly work at the headquarters of the company Robo Force, in front of which the protesters stand with signs such as "JOBS, NOT BOTS". After the guard comes to work, the robots jump out of their packages and begin a mad dance. The video ends with hot robots, which now fill the entire warehouse, surrounding the confused protagonist. ”

Although in some places of the clip, allusions with Alex Proyas's fantastic “I, Robot” blockbuster are clearly traced, but in general, the description of the video is close to what we see on the screen. Video directors also explainedthat the clip is a kind of black comedy and is trying, among other things, to consider the problem of possible future relationships between artificial intelligence and man.