Famous singer, showman and songwriter David Divad said that in his family a new artist is growing up. His ten-year-old son, Ivan, is not yet engaged in music, but already now he is striking his father with singing talent, which he inherited from the boy. Singing to the tracks of his favorite performer Dima Bilan, Vanechka dreams about the stage, and David, seeing this, is happy that his son will follow in his footsteps.

“I know that he will sing,” says the artist, “because those who once entered the stage cannot refuse it!” This is an incurable disease. And I want him to go to the stage. He is already singing super, and I will do everything to make it easier for my son to start his way on stage than to me. It was very difficult for me in my time. But I worked a lot, made my way, and now I have great connections, a sea of ​​friends. I helped many young people find themselves on stage. And I will definitely help Ivan in this. ”

David is very serious about raising a boy, trying to take his free time with useful lessons.
David Divad: “Ivan and I are great friends, and I will do everything to make it easier for him than for me to begin my journey on the stage.”

David takes the boy's education very seriously, trying to take his free time with useful lessons. For example, already in the 2,5 year, Vanya began to learn English, which he now speaks fluently, and has recently begun to learn Italian. In addition, he is engaged in swimming and goes to school well.

“He's very smart. He says such things that every time I am convinced that he is competent, conscientious, purposeful. We constantly talk to him. He calls my wife and my names. Ivan and I are great friends, ”says David.

Of course, Vanya has a long way ahead on the stage, but already now his father is preparing him for how to become a good artist, instills a taste in music and trains his voice.