Festival of Culture and Arts "The North Caucasus: a synthesis of the world, a synthesis of the arts" will be held in Moscow

On September 22, the grand opening of the Festival of Culture and Arts “The North Caucasus: a synthesis of the world, a synthesis of the arts” will take place on Tverskaya Square in Moscow

Guests will enjoy an eight-hour performance, in which non-stop various types of national arts and creativity are presented by creative teams of the North Caucasus regions.

The director of the festival, Alexander Shuvalov, said that a large-scale preparation was carried out - a competitive selection was held in all regions of the North Caucasus Federal District, and the winners will perform in front of the audience. Five nominations will be presented: “Poetry”, “Photography”, “Choreography”, “Vocal Art”, “Musical Performing Arts” and “Audience Award”.

“We want to show clearly through the unification of various types of arts and forms that the strength of Russia lies in the unity of peoples. The festival’s final flash mob and its final song are also dedicated to this topic, let's call it the unspoken anthem. In fact, this is an eight-hour non-stop presentation of the regions of the North Caucasus, their traditions, culture, ”Shuvalov told TASS. He also noted that world-famous collectives of the North Caucasus, such as Lezginka, Ingushetia and Alan, will perform for the audience. The program also includes the numbers of the winners of the regional stage of the festival, and guests of the event will be able to take part in the flash mob.

It will not do without traditional tasting and presentations of products from the producers of the North Caucasus and master classes in cooking national dishes.

In the meantime, we offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of Caucasian music from the company “Zvuk-M”:

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