Dibir Abaev loves active winter rest

In the family of the artist Dibira Abaeva there is a tradition - as soon as the snow falls, go with the children to Mashuk mountain in Pyatigorsk and spend the day outdoors.

They have not yet mastered skiing or snowboarding, but skating on ice-boats from Asiyat and Saygid - the children of Dibir - is one of the favorite activities.

“My wife and I also rode once,” smiles the performer, “but just for the sake of laughter. Children have fun, they love winter very much. So we decided every weekend, while there is snow, get out together. Beauty on the mountain, of course, indescribable! In general, the views of the Caucasus are fascinating, you can get to the top, even in order to simply admire the panorama of the city. ”

Well, and the artist always devotes work days. He is working on a new repertoire and, perhaps, soon will delight fans of a new track.