Disturbed (“Alarmed”) is an American metal band formed in Chicago, Illinois. Since the formation of the group, according to various estimates, more than 50 has sold millions of albums worldwide, seven studio albums and one live have been released, which makes Disturbed one of the most successful rock bands in recent years.

19 October 2018, the band presented their new album “Evolution”

Fans of the group learned about Disturbed's intention to release a new collection back in August of 2018, when the team showed a video for the song “You You Ready”, announced as the lead track of the future album. It was supposed at the beginning that the album would include no more than ten songs, but in the end they turned out to be as many as fourteen, which only pleased the hard rock fans.

The album “Evolution”, like the previous Disturbed records, turned out to be diversified - both in terms of the genre content of individual tracks, in terms of energy, and in the semantic content of the tracks. For the team, this is a common situation; interview with ultimate-guitar.com Disturbed frontman David Dreiman once said that the quote: “Our music has never been part of any genre, although we definitely benefited from the popularity of what we called nu metal at that time ... We never had stereotyped signs that had other groups. We do not read the text, do not use phonograms. We play, in my opinion, classic metal. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Pantera are bands that stimulate our desire to play. ” The end of the quote.

The stated trends are confirmed by the track “A Reason To Fight”, the video on which Disturbed presented 21 September - a month before the official release of the new album.

Whatever demon is told in this song, each of us has his own individual. Disturbed in the track “A Reason To Fight” is strongly encouraged to fight him:

When the demon inside you is ready to begin.
And it seems that this is a battle in which you will never win.
When you suffer from fire and ask for your sin.
When nothing is left inside, there is still a reason to fight.

We offer readers to make their own opinion about the album "Evolution"

Photo: http://www.disturbed1.com


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