Meet the new album of a popular singer!

Together with the music publishing company "Sound-M" the second album was released Anorah - "Country of Love"!

It includes beautiful lyrical compositions, already beloved by the artist's fans, as well as hot incendiary hits, which will be a pleasant surprise for them.

The track list turned out to be very diverse and easily combines the seemingly incongruous: from frankly dance tracks with a tangible smack of the East to incendiary Latin American rhythms! And, of course, romantic duets with the stars of the Caucasian pop-stage are not bypassed - Magomed Alikperov и Aidamir Mugu.

Especially for the listeners of this album a musical gift was prepared - a remix of the hit “The Star”, performed by Anora together with Magomed Alikperov. The track has not lost its relevance to this day, and the new arrangement gave it a charm.

The album is already available for download at iTunes, Google Play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.

Listen to Anora's album “Country of Love”