The cello duo 2Cellos has released a new record

Croatian cellists Luka Šulić and Stepan Hauser, virtuosos with classical training, once became famous all over the world, releasing a video for the song “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson in their arrangement. This video was their first sensation, gaining more 30 millions of views and a huge amount of enthusiastic reviews.

According to music critics, 2Cellos among similar performers highlights the equally immaculate performance of both film music and rock classics, and more complex academic repertoire. Luka Shulich and Stepan Hauser feel each other and their own music so well that it is impossible to believe in their rivalry, which took place before the start of the partnership.

After the release of Smooth Criminal, Elton John himself, impressed and stunned by the lively sound of the duet, invited him to take part in his own world tour. “Go to their concert, they are really amazing,” he said. “I don’t remember a more exciting band than they have since I saw Jimi Hendrix on the 1960's on stage.”

Subsequently, 2Cellos performed in the most prestigious halls, and his albums repeatedly rose to first place in the classic and crossover charts. 2Cellos participated in a gala concert in honor of the anniversary of the British Queen, at the Emmy Award Ceremony in Los Angeles and many other prestigious events.

19 October 2018 released a new cello record entitled “Let There Be Cello” (“Let there be a cello”), which includes 14 tracks. “We adore cinema music,” says Stepan Hauser. - On this album, we have collected several works written by our favorite composers. Being able to arrange them for the cello is a real gift of fate. ”

The album also includes cover songs of John Lennon, The White Stripes, Queen, Louis Fonsay, as well as compositions by Vivaldi, Handel, and other famous authors.