Maddie & Tae presented the video for the song "Friends Don't"

Maddie & Tae, a popular American female duo, presented a video for the song “Friends Don't”. The release of the original source took place on April 2018 of the year, while the video was released only in August. The song is dedicated to the difficult relationship between friends and the problems that often arise with these relationships.

Maddie & Tae has been known in the world of music since 2015, since the release of their first album, “Start Here”, with the support of the label “Mercury Records” (the Chigag division of “Universal Music”).

Despite the importance of the topic touched, the video turned out to be very positive - with companies of young people, beautiful girls and good music and vocals.

The album “Start Here” also deserves to be listened to, and some tracks even add to your collection. We would include “Girl In A Country Song,” “Smoke,” and “No Place Like You.” But it all depends on your personal preferences.

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