“The Mediterranean Deconstruction Ensemble Ensemble” (Mediterranean Deconstruction Ensemble) - this is how the name of this ensemble is written on posters in Moscow, the leader of which is the ironic keyboard player Gregory Sandomirsky. And the vocalist is the beautiful Alina Rostotskaya.

Sandomirsky studied all sorts of different Jewish musical traditions; plays both tradition and its own based on those frets. Fortunately, no irony, jokes, eclecticism and other postmodern.

This particular album, “Day De Senar”, a collection of Sephardic songs and two compositions by Sandomierz, is a celebration of tender nostalgic feelings and quiet joy. Sedative tones, fascinating improvisations and heart-felt game of all musicians. (I repeat for the hundredth time, which is very encouraging that Moscow jazzmen - or, more precisely, jazz-educated musicians - are increasingly playing and promoting their original ideas.)

Alina Rostotskaya with her angelic voice hypnotizes. Fine is the subtle clarinetist Andrei Bessonov - he has a kind of moderate avant-garde like David Krakauer; I apologize for the comparison, they are not needed here, in fact. Saxophonist Anatoly Osipov, also known for his own project (in general, the Ensemble is essentially a supergroup), easily moves from the avant-garde to the tradition and so on.

If stylistically defined - then this is ethno-jazz. But, to put it simply, it's just great songs!

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