23 March in the family of a popular hip-hop artist EGO a long-awaited and joyful event happened - a daughter was born!

The girl, who was born weighing 3 kg 450 g and growing 53 cm, the artist named after his mother - Svetlana.

I became a dad! 23 March I had a daughter ❤Gim gim URA😄

Publication from EGO (@ music.ego)

Young parents EGO and Julia married 4 of the year. The appearance of the first baby for them - a grand celebration. Yulia is now feeling well, both physically and as a mother. And young dad is so overwhelmed with emotions that he has even started writing songs about his daughter.

“My feeling is as if my life has stopped and started anew! The whole world is spinning and living for its sake ... I don’t know which dad will turn out of me, but the fact that I’m ready to kill and die for it is for sure! ”, EGO says.

We heartily congratulate the parents on this wonderful event and wish the whole family of the artist of health, love and happiness!